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Since its founding Dirghayu Hospital has been providing its patients with the full medical care, encompassing outpatients services in ICU, Trauma, Digital X-Ray and more. We are available for your Help and support 24*7

ECG and Blood Investigation Hospital in Grand Sikar road Jaipur

We provide the Full ECG checking what facilities you get that If the heart is beating steadily, it will produce the typical ECG pattern: The first peak shows how the electrical impulse spreads across the two atria of the heart. The atria contract, pumping blood into the ventricles, and then immediately relax. The electrical impulse then reaches the ventricles. This can be seen in the Q, R and S waves of the ECG, which is called the QRS complex. The ventricles contract. Then the T wave shows that the electrical impulse has stopped spreading, and the ventricles relax once again. An ECG measures these changes in electrical signals on different areas of skin and plots them as a graph. The resulting ECG graph is called an electrocardiogram.

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