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What Is The Difference Between I.C.U And N.I.C.U

Mainly People Have Confusion About What Is The Difference Between ICU and N.I.C.U


There are many peoples who always have confusion in ICU and N.I.C.U Section some hospitals have separate intensive care and N.I.C.U.  there is a lot of difference between these two section i.e. N.I.C.U and I.C.U and to Know About the Difference between N.I.C.U and I.C.U Which is as follows:


An ICU is a specially staffed and equipped, separate, and self-contained area of a hospital-dedicated to the monitoring of patients with life-threatening conditions. It provides special support for vital functions and uses the skills of medical, nursing, and other personnel experienced in the management of these problems. When a patient is brought to an ICU it can take more than an hour for doctors to assess the patient’s condition make them as comfortable as possible and attach them to the necessary equipment.

Normally it takes time in the surgery so what you have to do is be in patience. This can be frustrating but it is very necessary and important the ICU staff stabilize the patient’s condition. A member of staff will tell you what is happening as soon as possible. There can be lengthy time can be spend who stays in the I.C.U and this is depends on their extent of the illness and injuries Most patients will recover fairly quickly.


Others may remain in the ICU for weeks. Regrettably, recovery is not possible in all cases and sometimes a patient dies. Hospitals have the special departments for people according to their particular problems. Occasionally what is necessary is that to move the patient in the other unit which is done by another hospital to provide the special care.


N.I.C.U Health Service which is also known as intensive care unit (ICN) this is specializing in the care of ill or the premature newborn babies. Which is refers to their 28 days of life in the unit. As known as specialized nurseries or intensive care. You want the best possible start to your baby’s life, and we want that for your baby and family. Jaipur’s one of the best Dirghayu hospital specialists provide expertise, compassion, and support to ensure the best possible care for your baby, you and your family. We care for in condition that affects newborns, regardless of how rare or critical. We also have one of the best and highest N.I.C.U patient volumes in the nation, providing us a deeper level of experience and expertise for a vast array of rare and complex conditions.

Despite this increased volume and complexity, our outcomes is which remain above the national average. Our N.I.C.U. offer a setting that feels as close to home as possible where we encourage parents to be with their babies as much as they can. We recognize that time in the NICU can be stressful, so we provide daily care briefings, psychological support, and social workers as needed to support you in all aspects of your life. And you can rest assured that your baby is being cared for by one the most experienced neonatal teams with some of the greatest capabilities in the nation.

We have a large array of neonatal care programs from support services for lactation and mental health to advanced programs for breathing issues, low birth weight, brain development, specialized transportation, and much more. When you come to a children’s hospital NICU like ours, you’re surrounded by an entire network of caregivers who specialize in caring just for kids. Helping your baby come into the world as healthy as possible is just the start of our work. We’re also focused on your child’s long-term health. This is why we coordinate with some of the best pediatric subspecialists in the nation who provide care for your child in our NICU.

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